As a Physical Therapist with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare field, my interest in health and wellness is second nature. But it wasn’t until 2008 when an unfortunate event, not only affected me emotionally and spiritually but also took a toll on my physical health. A series of physical ailments and surgeries followed, not to mention depression. Intuitively, I looked towards meditation, mindfulness, yoga and travel as a way to heal.
For three years since that incident I continued to travel with my family extensively as a way to “put myself together”. But in 2011, a trip to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado became life changing. I came back not only with a renewed mind and spirit but improved health. Our small family of three, has since grown to six. And my interest in holistic health and wellness expanded. I became Certified in Tai Chi for Arthritis, a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Practitioner and an Aromatherapy Enthusiast.  Currently, I am pursuing training and certification to become a Registered Yoga Teacher to further my studies in holistic health and wellness.
While I continue to be active in the healthcare industry, I founded Avaida Wellness Travel with the goal of helping those who seek healing through another modality that has helped me immensely: TRAVEL.
I would love to hear from you, chat about your wellness travel plans and find out if I may be able to help customize your wellness itinerary based on your wellness goals.


Just send me an email at tiffany@avaidatravels.com or schedule a wellness travel consultation by booking below. 

In order to provide you with the best possible travel recommendation we have completed advanced training and are certified as: