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San Francisco Must See Attractions For First Time Travelers

In the last 2 weeks, we have covered the three must see attractions  in NYC and Chicago. We are down to the last one in this series and now we are going west to San Francisco. 

1 - Golden Gate Bridge.   As the most famous San Francisco landmark, this is one that you can’t  miss when in the city. This bridge will take you to Sausalito and Muir  Woods National Park, two places we visited that we absolutely loved.   Trivia: The preliminary sketches of this bridge was very much different  which the public didn’t like and was described by the press at the time  to be “ugly”. The plans were eventually redesigned.

2 - Alcatraz Island.  This island is home to an abandoned prison and  the site of the oldest operating lighthouse on the West Coast, presently  drawing almost 2 million visitors a year.  Trivia: While the Alcatraz  penitentiary claimed that no prisoner had successfully escaped the  island, out of the 36 prisoners have made attempts, 23 of which were  caught, 6 shot and killed, 2 drowned, but 5 prisoners were listed as  missing (presumed drowned).

3 - Cable Cars. Because there is so  much of San Francisco to see, getting on one of San Francisco’s cable  car could actually take you to some of the places that would not make it  on this list: Lombard Street (crooked street), Ghirardelli Square,  Fisherman’s Wharf, and Chinatown among others. Trivia: During its  launch, the Muni System was seen to be an “experiment in Socialism”  having a government agency take over an industry dominated by private  companies. 

And there you have it! Whether you are in the east,  west coast, or in the middle of the US, there are places near you that  you can explore. Find one to travel to for your next vacation.


Chicago Must See Attractions For First Time Travelers

New York City Must See Attractions For First Time Travelers

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Chicago Must See Attractions For First Time Travelers

Last week we featured 3 must see attractions in NYC for first time travelers. This week, it’s Chicago!

Let me tell you, at the time we visited this city, we actually  considered the thought of moving there one day. Of course, things have  changed since. But looking back, here are the three things I think a  first time traveler must visit. 

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